I believe that there is a set of natural laws by which our universe operates, and which can never be broken.

I believe that there is a common sacred principle shared to some extent by all things, and now most fully present, as far as we know, in humans.

I believe that we must respect all people as family because we share this sacred principle, and care for all other living things, as well as the earth, the air, and the water which support us all.

I believe that the highest good is to live a life that uses our abilities to the fullest extent possible and enables others to do the same; and that we must not do this dutifully, but joyfully, with the joy that comes from a job well done.

I believe that to achieve this highest good, we must have knowledge of the natural world and of society; understanding of how our actions will affect other people and the natural world; judgement of whether those effects are good; and love, which is the recognition of the sacred in all things.

I believe that what we call evil is caused by our imperfect knowledge, understanding, judgment, and love; and by the basic randomness of our universe.

I believe that the good and evil we do live on in their effects after we die, and that our share of the sacred principle is immortal, but that we do not survive as individual personalities.

I believe that Moses, Confucius, Lao-Tse, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and other great religious leaders more fully recognized the sacred in themselves and others than most of us; and that all religious records, such as the Bible, can teach us what they knew, to help us reach the highest good.

I believe that all religions are imperfect attempts at understanding, manifested according to the time and place, the society, and the individual believer.

Lisa deGruyter, 1982
Revised May 1986