Do good, refrain from doing evil, and purify the mind




Hilde’s Work
Arend’s College

Hilde’s Graduation
Hilde’s College
Arend’s High School
Texas State Library Talking Book Program (Robert’s Previous Work)
Texas Comptroller (Lisa’s Previous Work)
Texas State Electronic Library (Lisa’s Previous Work)

History and Genealogy

Photo Archives

Our Generations in Photographs
Kjølsrud / Kjolsrud / Jacobsen family album
Sugar Run Letter 188?
deGruyter Postcards 1900-1915
Anna Mary McVaney 1946
Photo Scrapbook 1946
Iwo Jima 1946
Conrad deGruyter – Wyoming 1949

West Virginia 2006
Hilde’s Graduation – Texas Tech 2006

For more about me, see our family website.

Friends and Family Links

Arend’s Portfolio
Hilde’s Technical Communications Portfolio (She got an A+)
Hilde’s Photos
Nephew John deGruyter’s Photos
and work
Nora Jacobsen’s Blog
Lillestrøm Storband — Arne Kjølsrud plays baritone sax
Animal Alpha — Agnete Maria Forfang Kjølsrud is lead singer
Sculptures by Dagfinn Kjølsrud
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norway
Afrikansk mester

Suzanne Dye (6th cousin and brother Eric’s friend)
Sarah Eck McBride’s blog
Steve Eck’s blog
Gamaliel Foundation – Dennis Jacobsen is Director of National Clergy Caucus
Paolo Rivera
Victoria Russell (brief bio and links to some of her book covers)

Mark Turner – Turner Photographics
Ian Turner’s Pacific Northwest Snow Site
Patrick deGruyter
Beverly deGruyter
Hilde deGruyter-Helfer
Eric deGruyter’s Work
Kent deGruyter’s Work
Tom deGruyter’s Work
Gabe Rousseau’s Blog
– Gabe’s Photos
Jacquie Helfer Rousseau’s Photos and More Photos and Drawings
Frank Carpenter
St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church, Cincinnati
– Frank’s Channing Family Genealogy
– A Sermon from Frank
Thickson’s Woods – Margaret Carney’s Preservation Project
Church Service with Poem by Lisa deGruyter
Noordbrabants Museum: DeGruyter, geschiedenis van en kruideniersimperium
Cousin Ferdie deGruyter in Skagway Alaska, 1902
Quilt by Ferdie’s daughter or her mother
De Gruyter Photographs in the Dutch National Archives

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lisa–I have a couple of pictures of Conrad that I took while in CA a few weeks ago but I don’t have your home address. Please send it to my e-mail address below. Thanks! Marg

  2. Lisa, I loved your post on the UU Leadership distribution about taking over a Methodist Church. I figure you were just kidding, but you might be amazed at the response. As a former Methodist minister and now the minister of a UU congregation, I find that most Methodists are not that picky about doctrine. On the other hand, the first mention of Buddha might flip them out. If you would even consider such a strategy, I’d love to talk with you about it. My phone is 843-708-1033 I guess my email is below, but just in case, here it is patjobe13@gmail.com. Either way, good luck. I love your description of your congregation and the communities reaction to it. I saw you are also hooked in to the mountain top movement. Do you know my buddy, Janet Keating?

    Pat Jobe

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