The Breakfast Nook

I can’t imagine anyone breakfasting in the area, once part of a second floor back porch, that was listed in the property description as a “breakfast nook.”  It was so full of stuff that getting out the back door was difficult, never mind sitting at the table.  The window coverings were in the contract, so we inherited the ugly and broken vertical blinds on the sliding door.  The blinds came down first thing, and fortunately the rest of the stuff in this picture went away before we took possession.  The wallpaper was peeling, and I could see it had been applied over the original horizontal tongue-and-groove siding. The ceiling, also tongue-and-groove, had only been painted.

At first, we put our wicker armchairs and a coffee table there, and the kitchen table in the kitchen.  But that left little room to get to the back door, and the table was awkward in the kitchen.  One day, I switched the two, and found that it made a wider path to the back door and a nice sitting place and a better traffic pattern in the kitchen.  After months of breakfasting with the peeling wallpaper, I pulled it all down.  Eventually, we washed down the walls, which were yellow, and painted them white.  Now it is really a pleasant breakfast nook.  Someday, we will redo the kitchen and the refrigerator will move elsewhere.Breakfast Nook