The People=Corporations

Skimming through the West Virginia news this morning, I came across this gem from our Congressman:

“As we come out with Plan B, the alternative to Obama Care, I want to make sure it really answers more of the needs of the people,” said Rep. David McKinley, R-First Congressional District.

“Thousands of dollars are being charged back to corporations and it’s inhibiting their potential for growth,” said McKinley.

He also planned to sit down with representatives from Mylan Pharmaceuticals Friday afternoon.

I’m shocked – usually our politicians say “business” to give the illusion that they mean those small businesses run by real people, and make some pretense that they are concerned because businesses provide jobs.

The heavily ironic comment on the article by RobbyA from Trailer County is worth reading.

3 thoughts on “The People=Corporations

  1. thanks for posting about this, Lisa. McKinley has really taken that recent SC decisions to heart. Currently reading Breyer’s Making Our Democracy Work, hoping he has some reason to be optimistic that our country isn’t completely broken.

  2. The comments that follow are a bit scary – by someone who has completely missed the satirical intent, even though its been layed on with a trowel. American politics escape me completely. Actually, increasingly, British politics mystify me too.

  3. Many, if not most, Americans are irony-impaired. I don’t understand American politics much of the time, myself.

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