CO2 in the Sunset

Harrison Power Plant from the US 19 bridge, Shinnston, West Virginia
Saturday afternoon we drove up to Fairmont and wandered on the way back, ending up coming down the West Fork on US 19. As we approached Shinnston, the sun was setting behind the Harrison Power Station.

What you see, of course, is not the CO2 or smoke, but water vapor.  The scrubber chimney is over 1000 feet tall, but only the third tallest in West Virginia.  West Virginia has two of the 100 largest power plants in the country; John Amos at 13, and Harrison at 74.  Harrison was number 32 in CO2 emitted in 2007 – 13.5 million tons.  John Amos was number 10, at almost 19 million tons.

On a clear day, we can see the Harrison plume from our house, about 10 miles away.

One thought on “CO2 in the Sunset

  1. Gorgeous photo, Lisa. you should submit it to the Exp-Telegram.

    I use the plumes as a landmark to make sure I’m headed in the right direction when I’m returning from visiting a friend in Joetown.

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