Mary Reed McKinney

Memorial Day weekend, we took another drive into the area where Upshur, Barbour, and Harrison County meet, at the upper end of Hacker’s Creek.  My mother’s family, both her father’s McVaneys and mother’s McKinneys, were from here originally, although my great-grandparents moved south along the Little Kanawha in Gilmer and Braxton Counties before the Civil War.  Most of them had come from east of the mountains, The McVaney branch from what are now Pendleton and Hardy Counties in West Virginia, and Rockingham County, Virginia, right across the state line, after the Revolution, and the McKinneys from farther east in the Shenandoah Valley.  My father’s families, at the other end of Hacker’s Creek, had almost all been here since the first settlement.

Johnstown Methodist ChurchI hadn’t spotted the Johnstown Methodist Church, which is tucked away at the edge of town, on previous drives, but that day we did.  Mary Reed McKinney GravestoneMy 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Reed McKinney, is buried here