Where Did the Summer Go?

It seems I have taken the summer off again, but not as long as last year.  I don’t have the excuse of yard work, since it was a hot dry summer and we stopped except for the bare necessities.  We had lots of company and made a few trips, so I’ll be catching up on those over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, yesterday we drove over to Tygart Lake State Park to see if the leaves were turning farther east and higher.  We are starting to get some yellow here, but there was not much more there, at the edge of the mountains.  Most trees are still very green, but there is a huge fall of hickory nuts and acorns.

Hiking along the dam trail, we came across a small toad, who obliging froze for many minutes, trying to blend in with the leaves.Toad

One thought on “Where Did the Summer Go?

  1. Hi Lisa

    welcome back! Your photo of the leafy toad is a perfect autumn image . . . we’ve been on hiatus on jellypress too working on other intensely time-consuming projects. Yes, summer flew!

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