Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

CherriesLast week, I had an appointment with the trainer at the Y after class, and Robert had a server crisis, so he went home to work and was coming back to pick me up.  Finishing early, I decided to start walking home – the first three-quarters is down hill.  The Y is set in the middle of Lowndes Hill Park, at the top of the highest hill in town, which was fortified during the Civil War.  The trenches are still visible, but the hill is almost all woods.

Walking the wrong way on the one-way loop, so I wouldn’t miss Robert coming up, I had a close look at the trees and smaller plants, which we had watched leaf out and bloom all spring, but are hard to see from the car.  There were good-size sassafras, and then, hanging down to picking level, a branch of ripe cherries.  I picked a handful and walked along, in the bright sun and cool air, enjoying the view and spitting seeds.

One thought on “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

  1. Have a friend named Bill Pitts . He and his wife have three kids, all boys. Too bad, as I had them convinced to name a female child Cherry, as in Cherry Pitts. I also had offered up Peach as a first name as well.

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