Mother’s Day Surprise

Friday, we went to a nursery near Pittsburgh.  As it turned out, although they had many beautiful plants, we just got one small Lady’s Mantle.  We’re still browsing and imagining, although I have a long list of possibilities.  Afterwards, we were lost among what were once small coal towns south of Pittsburgh, but are now more or less suburbs.  Those who claim the mountains of southern West Virginia need to be leveled to provide building space should go visit the Pittsburgh area.  Robert’s phone rang (I had forgotten mine), and it was our daughter, who lives in Dallas.  After we finally came upon the interstate, at Robinson Center, where we often stop at Half Price Books on our way to and from the airport, her father got on, going the wrong way, toward the airport, and I suspiciously asked here where she was.  Imagine – she was at the Pittsburgh airport.