After a lack of early April showers (fortunate for the roof work, not so much for the yard and garden), we have had a good bit of rain lately.  We take great satisfaction in going down the outside back stairs to the porch, where rain overflowing from the old gutters created slick steps and a small swamp next to the porch.  The rain from the upper roof now flows down to the ground, instead of landing on the patio and pouring through to the “dungeon,” as the previous owners seemed to have called the space under the patio.  The rain from the front roof flows down at the end of the house,  by the kitchen garden, instead of landing at the top of the front bank, where it washed down the bank, and seeped into the basement under the den.

And we no longer worry about the very odd old flashing, which was ugly as well as seeming designed to allow rain in.Old Flashing