Restful Rain

It is raining and looks to do it all day.  This means no temptation to go pull dandelions, move perennials, gather more brush, or any of the other outdoor chores.  Looking at things as they are, and seeing all that needs to be done, it is hard to remember how much we have already done.  So I pulled up the pictures the inspector took when we were negotiating for the house two summers ago.  Many of our new neighbors saw the house when it was on the market, and wonder what we saw in it.  I look at the pictures and think we must have been crazy, but I thought there were good bones underneath, and the inspector said it was “overbuilt”, and basically sound.

Laundry BeforeJust cleaning up and paying attention made a lot of difference. Here is the laundry area in the basement before and after.  (Yes, it looked like it did at inspection when we took possession.  The truckloads the previous owners put in storage, the half-acre yard sale, and the front-end loader from the city to haul off the trash did not include everything.)

Robert cleared out the clutter, and I added a sink skirt from a three-dollar plastic tablecloth, covering the step stool (an inheritance from the previous owner) with the same, and a three-dollar cotton rug from Ikea. It won’t be appearing in House Beautiful, but it is now pleasant and usable.Laundry After

One thought on “Restful Rain

  1. Yikes, someone with as many or more books as me. Not that ‘things’ define me, books are not those sorts of things, they are comforting old friends. Luckily the bookcases my son built for me years ago fit in and out of where ever they are needed to!

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