Old Harmony Cemetery

Old  Harmony Cemetery, Hacker's Creek, Lewis Co., West VirginiaAnother day, another cemetery.  This one was the Old Harmony cemetery on Hacker’s Creek.  Great-grandfather Otto deGruyter didn’t get here until the 1870s, and Jane Hill, his wife, was mostly descended from Scots-Irish and Germans who came north from southwest Virginia, but almost everyone else on both my mother’s and father’s sides was living somewhere along Hacker’s Creek in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Hacker’s Creek, along with settlements in Randolph County, on Decker’s Creek in Morgantown, and in the Clarksburg area, were the first settlements this side of the mountains.

Most of the old stones were slate or soft sandstone, and are gone or unreadable.  Descendants have put up new monuments for some.  Mary Elizabeth, known as Eliza, wife of Samuel Bonnett, and whose maiden name is so far unknown, was the first person buried here, when it was the churchyard of the original church.  She was my sixth great-grandmother.  Samuel was killed by a falling tree in 1789, and probably buried on his own property.Eliza Bonnett's memorial stonePeter Waggoner and Catherine Hardman' memorial stone

Samuel and Elizabeth’s daughter, Margaret, married Johannes Waggoner. She was killed in a Shawnee raid on Jesse’s Run, within sight of the cemetery, in May 1792.

Their son, Peter, was taken by the Shawnee, grew up with them in Ohio, and was married with children before he returned to Hacker’s Creek in 1812.   He married Catherine Hardman Hyde, a widow, and they are my fourth great-grandparents.

Catherine’s parents were Peter Hardman (Hartmann) and Charlotte Lazier, my fifth great-grandparents, born in Germany and died on Hacker’s Creek.  Peter Hardman and Charlotte Lazier's memorial stone