Easter at Audra

This was the first Easter since we had children that at least one of them had not been here.  I had the treat of not searching for my Easter basket.  My parents always hid our Easter baskets, and in our own family, the Easter bunny developed a new twist – a trail of paper riddles, each leading to the next, and finally, the basket.  I still have my childhood basket, and this year, there it was, complete with dark chocolate bunny, in the center of the dining table.

Middle Fork River, Audra, West VirginiaWe had debated a ham.  We froze the remains of the one we got for our family gathering in August, and it lasted (the very last in bits in scrambled eggs) until after New Year’s.  So we didn’t.  We packed up a picnic lunch – hardboiled, farm-fresh, pastel eggs, rolls, cheese, apples, lemonade – and set off for Audra State Park.  We expected the campground to still be closed, but so were the picnic areas.  We hiked down into the campground, ate along the river, and walked the campground loop upriver after basking on a river rock.River Rocks, Middle Fork River, Audra, West Virginia

On the way, discussing our route, I had seen a covered bridge I had never heard of on the map.  So we went across the Carrollton Road to drive across it on the way back.  My directions weren’t too clear, but as it turned out, the road Robert thought I meant was the right one.  We turned onto it, and it had a center stripe, so we forged on.  West Virginia roads without center stripes are not necessarily bad, but one with is a good bet.  The one I had in mind went up the Buckhannon River, and from the look of the other end, across the bridge, we were on the better road.  Maybe when mud season is over.  Going across the bridge from 119 looks to be the shortest way to Audra from Clarksburg, so we will be taking the scenic route next time.

My mother went swimming at Audra, growing up and in college at Elkins.  The McVaneys, McKinneys, Greathouses, and Queens, her mother’s and father’s people, were early settlers around Hodgesville, Peeltree, and Johnstown, all in the corner where Harrison, Upshur, and Barbour County meet.

Overfield Cemetery, Barbour County, West Virginia

Overfield Cemetery, Barbour County, West Virginia

On the way back, Robert spotted a cemetery at Overfield, almost invisible on the hill across from and up above the Overfield Community Church.  I have information that George C.  and Mary (James) McKinney, my 4th great-grandparents, were buried in the Morris Baptist Church at Overfield.  I can find no information about the church, but I think it must have become the community church.  The cemetery is very old, with one slate marker for M. Reger, died  19 May 1779.  Many if not most of the old stones are missing.  But I believe this must be where George and Mary are buried.