Spring, Siblings, and Cousins

A month ago, well in advance of the solstice, but after the snow melt and into the warmth, I announced it was spring.  Since then I haven’t written any real posts.  We have spent most of daylight doing yard work, and then collapsing at dusk.  We did a bit for the final push for health care reform.  I filed our taxes. We have made some excursions, and sadly, a trip south of the Kanawha for a cousin’s husbands funeral.  Robert’s sister was here for a week, and we went to visit my brother.  The roofers have been here since Tuesday.  Along with all West Virginia, and, I hope, the rest of the country, we have watched the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, the worst in 40 years, unfold.  I have been reminded that people do read these posts, and will work on being better than last summer, when I neglected to write for months.

One thought on “Spring, Siblings, and Cousins

  1. Hi Lisa

    I appreciate so much this little post of yours on spring because it echoes my own feelings about living my life vs. posting my life. I too have not posted in weeks, and this is mostly because I have been concentrating on a new series of paintings that are taking all the time I used to give to things like blogging or reading blogs. One of my friends said, “It’s all about balance.” So right now, if your scales are balanced with gardening and family, enjoy them and take the break you need and deserve for as long as you need and deserve it. As I tell my son, who loves electronic screens of all kinds and often has his back to me while on one, “Your real life, it’s out here, waiting for you all around that screen. Come join it.”

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