Spring, Siblings, and Cousins

A month ago, well in advance of the solstice, but after the snow melt and into the warmth, I announced it was spring.  Since then I haven’t written any real posts.  We have spent most of daylight doing yard work, and then collapsing at dusk.  We did a bit for the final push for health care reform.  I filed our taxes. We have made some excursions, and sadly, a trip south of the Kanawha for a cousin’s husbands funeral.  Robert’s sister was here for a week, and we went to visit my brother.  The roofers have been here since Tuesday.  Along with all West Virginia, and, I hope, the rest of the country, we have watched the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, the worst in 40 years, unfold.  I have been reminded that people do read these posts, and will work on being better than last summer, when I neglected to write for months.