Elements of Practice

There seem to be several elements to practice:

Sheer repetition – Malcolm Gladwell says research show about 10,000 hours, consistently in many different fields

Challenge – doing something you can already do well doesn’t help you grow

Feedback – practicing something wrong will make you expert in doing it the wrong way

This article on The Making of an Expert from the Harvard Business Review is a good overview (from a very unmystical standpoint.)

One thought on “Elements of Practice

  1. I love Malcolm Gladwell’s writing. He might be the greatest thinker of our time. Have you read What the Dog Saw? I’ve only read exerpts from Outliers. When that old-school print copy of the New Yorker comes every week, I make sure to read whatever he’s written.

    I have encountered people who say “I have been doing this for 20 years and I know what I’m doing.” But it becomes obvious fairly quickly that they’ve been doing it wrong for 20 years. It’s SO hard to get them to change!

    It’s time to go do something I know I’ve already put in 10000 hours on–EAT!!!

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