And Ye Shall Know the Truth

or not.  The West Virginia Board of Education is currently debating curriculum guidelines for high school environmental science courses. Part of the discussion included whether teachers needed a background in social studies or debate to teach it.  Staff said science certification was needed “because the courses involve a hands-on lab.” Notice it is not because environmental science is actually science and not social studies or politics.

State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine said a balance must be struck on issues related to the environment and coal.

“There are tremendous occupations out there that involve environmental education,” he said.

On the other hand, he said, “we rely on coal to fund education in a major way.”

as reported in The Charleston Gazette

Apparently what is best for the coal companies is more important than teaching facts or preparing students for jobs, but I’m a little surprised that the Superintendent of Schools would actually say it on the record.