More Sledding

By the time I decided to shovel the front stoop and walk, the snow was 10 inches deep, which is just the distance between the bottom of the screen door and the stoop. Any more and opening the front door becomes problematic.  This is, as the Weather Service had warned, a heavy wet snow, and I couldn’t use my usual technique of pretending to be a miniature snowplow. (Making the engine noise is the most fun, but the neighbors think it’s odd.)  I had to actually lift and toss the snow aside.  This is a much better workout, but more tiring.  I got as far as the driveway, and went inside, where Robert had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup waiting.

After lunch, Robert went out and finished the walk and enough of the driveway that we can get the car out if necessary.  Then the reward – another round of sledding.  This time, it took several trips to pack the snow enough to slide.

Here’s an album of photos.



Snow Coat

Snowy PatioThe world outside is black and white, again.  Last night was a white night.  As soon as it was dark, the rain, which had been hard all day, turned magically to snow. In an hour, everything was coated, and the ground and sky glowed.  This morning, it is only about 8 inches so far, although the pile on the patio table looks like more, and still coming down steadily.  The West Fork at the foot of the hill is as invisible as when the leaves are on the trees. We’ll see how the sledding is later on.