Week before last, in pursuit of more adult sports equipment (racquetball racquets), we ran across sleds.  There was, at the time, no snow.   But I had run across an article on the sled run at Blackwater Falls, and we knew it would snow again eventually. The sled is an interesting hallucinogenic swirl of dayglo colors, and was made just up the road in Girard, Pennsylvania.  It’s rated to hold two at our summer weights – with our winter padding, I think we go over the rating.  This afternoon, with yesterday’s fresh snow evaporating in the sun, we decided we should try the sled.

Here’sSled Run the slope in the back yard.  There’s a path the neighborhood uses to cut across to the next street, many small pine trees, and a large downed branch we hadn’t gotten around to moving.  It proved to have a strange magnetic attraction for the sled, but we managed not to impale ourselves.  After my third trip, Robert went, careening wildly a couple of times.

“How did you steer?” he said.

“I dunno, with my feet, mostly.”

It’s steep and was so fast even the first time that I had dragged my feet the whole way.

“Would you like to see how I do it?” I said.

I went down again – careening wildly – it had packed down and gotten much faster.  We decided to move up to the side yard, which is not quite as steep.  He had a few good runs; then I tried it – and careened wildly.  Looks like we’re going to have to wait for another inch or two – or go find another hill.

Robert on sled