Here is more news on the front of useless or even harmful technology.  Central heating may make us fat, antihistamines cause restless-leg syndrome, requiring more drugs, and as I noted awhile back, running shoes are worse than high heels in putting stress on knee and hip joints. A Harvard professor of evolutionary biology, realizing that people have been running for millennia (well, epochs, really, since before Homo was sapiens) and only invented running shoes 40 years ago, has been studying barefoot running.  Guess what?  Barefoot runners land on their toes, not their heels, causing much less stress and conserving more energy.  Running shoes apparently contribute to shin splints and other injuries.

Expensive, produced in sweat shops, adding to the trade deficit, sold as a status item, and not good for us.

Let’s add high-tech athletic shoes to technologies we can live without.