Winter Feast for the Soul

Please consider joining us in

a 40-day worldwide spiritual practice period for people of all faiths everywhere.
January 15 – February 23, 2010

What nine months does for the embryo
Forty early mornings
Will do for your growing awareness

Jelaluddin Rumi

3 thoughts on “Winter Feast for the Soul

  1. For the candle lighting ceremony you are asked to make an alter with an icon of the world and burn candles for all the world religions known and unknown. You are asked to “invoke the presence of the prophets and masters who brought those teachings of Truth into form.”

    What you are really doing is summoning spirits and worshipping fake gods/goddesses and the world. This is of satan! satan tricks people into thinking it is about world peace but there will be no peace until the Lord returns.

  2. The devil is a way of talking about that which blocks one’s path in life, frustrates one’s aspirations, makes one feel stuck, hemmed in, obstructed. While the Hebrew “Satan” means “adversary,” the Greek diabolos means “one who throws something across the path.” In India, Buddha called the devil “Mara,” which in Pali and Sanskrit means “killer.” Living with the Devil

    The Winter Feast includes meditations for all religions, including Christians. I believe that following Jesus’s teachings is more important than worshiping him as God. All world religions teach how to see the truth and how to live. Jesus said “God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. ” Matthew 22:32

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