Almost Heaven – Healthy Children

Here is a report on a grant to “fight obesity” among kids in Kanawha County. When I saw “47% of kids, predominantly those in families with low incomes, are considered overweight or obese” with no source cited, I went looking.  I haven’t found where those numbers came from, but I found some other encouraging facts.  Somehow, the media never report the good news.
The National Survey of Children’s Health compares the overall health of West Virginia children to children nationwide, at different incomes.

At every income level, West Virginia kids are healthier than the national average, and the poorer children are farther ahead than the richer ones.  On overall health, West Virginia ranks 20 among the 50 states plus DC – and Texas and California are 50 and 51.  On almost all of the measures in the survey, West Virginia scored higher than average. West Virginians are taking care of our kids – all of our kids.

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