The sun is out, for the first time in days, which has led to the thumping of icicles falling from the upstairs eaves, even though it is still only 12°.

Sometime Friday night one of our dual furnaces gave up the ghost.  This is the one that heats the living room, dining room, kitchen, and den.  There is only one thermostat, and it is in the living room, so the bedroom is too hot.  A furnace went out the beginning of February last year, and we ended up having to turn them both off until it was repaired.  Fortunately, it was in the 50s then.  As it turns out, one is adequate, just, to heat the house, even as cold as it is:  only 8° this morning when we got up.

We had spotted a couple of leaks with the infrared thermometer.  Robert stuffed fiberglass insulation into the open floor in the basement bathroom, and just replaced the dryer vent hose, which was ancient and deteriorating plastic and pouring freezing air.