Only 10° this morning, and the snow flakes are quite lazy winter bees.  Last night the snow was falling heavily.  Robert was making popcorn in preparation for a movie when he said “Someone has hit the garage.” I got up and looked out the patio doors and there were already police lights flashing.  As it turned out, the police car was coming up the hill as the car coming down slid across the road, barely missing the police car. It hit the stanchion that is there to keep people from hitting the garage.  There is not room for a row, so he did hit the corner of the garage, but with little damage.

The driver had only a learner’s permit, and was illegally alone in his girlfriend’s car.  Ah youth.  Not even experienced drivers should have been driving in last night’s conditions without good reason.

While we were waiting for the police officer to come up to the house, our neighbor across the street came over with prints of the photos he had taken of Monday’s accident.