Just around Midnight

Our green picket fence is legendary for being taken out regularly by cars missing the curve.  We have seen plenty of wrecks on the curve – half a dozen in our first year here, the most spectacular during the first two snows last year, but no-one had taken out the fence since we bought the house last September.  Last night we turned out the light and snuggled in, Robert got up and put out the cats who had been playing tag under the bed until I threatened to take them to the shelter in the morning, and I was falling asleep when I heard a thumping. It seemed like knocking at the front door, but it was nearly midnight and we have a doorbell.

car_in_yardRobert got up and returned shortly, reporting there was a police car in the driveway and a car in the lower yard.  We went out on the front step and talked to the policeman, who said the neighbors across the street had reported the wreck; the driver had gotten out and run.  He had been stopped on Magnolia, the next street down the hill.  He was lucky; the tire tracks stopped a few feet from the drop-off, a maple tree, and a power pole.

A tow truck came and pulled the car back up the hill to the road.  Mrs. Tonkin was legendary for serving coffee to all on these occasions, but I’m afraid I was not that gracious.

We are missing a section of fence.  It is up to 20° now, so perhaps later we will go and move the far section from the side yard, which is loose anyway, to the front until we can make proper repairs.  The previous owners bought pickets by the bundle, and there are spare 2x4s for rails in the dungeon, but we don’t have any paint (and it’s a bit cold for that).

3 thoughts on “Just around Midnight

  1. At first when I saw your photo, I thought, as much as I love you guys, I am glad our car wasn’t in the driveway, but then I realized the car didn’t go into the drive, but before the driveway. We would have been sitting where one of the police cars parked.

  2. You moved a year ago to open a junk yard for cars in West Virginia? Brilliant! The tough neighborhood by laws of the RNA would have never, ever allowed you to fufill your life long goal!
    Who knew?

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