Yet Another Miracle Cure

We have another study that shows that “calorie restriction” (scientific for eating less) lengthens life.

They found that the normal cells lived longer, and many of the precancerous cells died, when given less glucose.

So, the recommendation is that we eat less to live longer and prevent cancer, right? Well, not exactly.

“Western science is on the cusp of developing a pharmaceutical fountain of youth” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “This study confirms that we are on the path to persuading human cells to let us to live longer, and perhaps cancer-free, lives.”

From Calorie Restriction: Scientists Take Important Step Toward ‘Fountain of Youth’

Apparently, instead of just eating less, we will all be able to continue pigging out, and also take a drug to counteract the effects. And no doubt covered by our health insurance.

But, hey, selling the food and selling the drug will raise the GDP, right? I have another idea: if we could just train all drivers to always drive with the emergency brake on, we would increase employment for mechanics, brake manufacturers, and income for the oil companies, another big rise for the GDP.

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