Here’s Robert on the front walk, with snow up to his knees.

With 18 inches of snow, a once-in-a-decade storm, we shoveled just enough from the driveway to get the car out of the garage, and a path from the street to the front door.  The front sidewalk from the driveway to the house is along the street, and gets covered by the plow every time it goes by.  So getting from the house to the car requires walking in the street.

We would have admired the snow from inside, but both our children flew into Pittsburgh Sunday, from Dallas and Chicago.  The streets in town were snowy, including Route 50, but once we got on the interstate, the road was clear.  There was much less snow further north; Pittsburgh had less than 6 inches.

Southern West Virginia, which didn’t seem to have gotten much more snow than we have, has major power outages.  I suspect the difference is the effort their power company has put into maintaining their lines.