Making Your Bed (2)

I started out a while back to talk about mindfulness in homemaking, and never got past the layers and nuances of the bed.  I’ll finish with the rest of the room and then back to mindfulness in making the bed in another post.

We have a black walnut chest of drawers with hand-carved pineapple pulls that my Aunt Elizabeth bought us in Tennessee years ago.  We were looking for something to use as a changing table for our first baby, but Elizabeth saw that this was perfect with the bed, which had been her grandmother’s and had been in the guest room at her mother’s house when she was growing up.  There is a wood-back love seat inherited from Robert’s parents that I reupholstered in grey and black stripes decades ago, and their carved armchair I redid in white. (I had my doubts, with cats and kids, but 15 years and many catnaps later, it still looks fine.) They bought both of these at auctions, and I remember them in their Florida living room the first time Robert took me to visit.

Above the chest is an old oval mirror with a strange history.  I had a friend in Huntington who showed up at 3 one morning, rousing the household, for desperate purposes I won’t go into.  The next day, by way of apology, he showed up with this mirror, apparently obtained from his parents’ attic.  It hung in the bathroom in that apartment, and has been somewhere in all my places ever since.  It is getting a bit battered, but still serves.

Last spring I replaced the plastic roller blinds with unbleached muslin trimmed with crocheted lace, and hung a single panel of my old living room lace curtains at each window.  A red and white striped rag rug at Ikea I had picked up just because (it was cotton, cheap, and cheery), a red down throw from a few Christmases back, a black and white check wrap I have used as a kilt and as a throw. Our old wall lamp is brass with a cheery red shade.

Last year when I started thinking about how to arrange and decorate this house, we talked about paring everything down.  I looked at hundreds of pictures of Scandinavian, especially Norwegian, interiors, old and new. The bedroom is very spare and functional, but also, bright, cheery, and comfortable, even on a gray day on December.  I smile now whenever I walk in.