Dave Bonta, of Via Negativa and the wonderful Morning Porch, and a neighbor to the north along the ridges, posted his  workspace, prompted by Clive Hicks-Jenkins’s post on his studio.  Dave’s post reminded me of the commentary on our bedroom that I wandered into here.  It was my workspace until this summer, when I moved the computer into the dining room, for the even better view.

Dave works in a knit hat (of the sort I call a toboggan, which my kids think is ridiculous) and fingerless gloves.  I think we keep the furnace a little higher, but I have a cut-velvet cap which makes me feel romantically medieval, and keeps in much of the 60% of body-heat that escapes from your head.  There is also much to be said for fleece-lined robes and long underwear.

Maybe more important than seeing me in my workspace, is what I see.