Have you heard the one about selling freezers to Eskimos?

I was feeling sorry for the huge number of people in southern West Virginia who are without power after the snow storm, some of them for several days.  Then I read this – name and place removed – from a WV MetroNews report:

“Our freezer and our refrigerator, we’re losing everything we’ve got. Nothing you can do about it.”

Have we become so dependent on technology and detached from nature that it no longer occurs to us that you don’t need electricity to keep food frozen if it is below freezing outside? Apparently the reporter and editor didn’t get it, either.

Then there is the off-duty police officer who drew his gun in a snowball fight.


Dave Bonta, of Via Negativa and the wonderful Morning Porch, and a neighbor to the north along the ridges, posted his  workspace, prompted by Clive Hicks-Jenkins’s post on his studio.  Dave’s post reminded me of the commentary on our bedroom that I wandered into here.  It was my workspace until this summer, when I moved the computer into the dining room, for the even better view.

Dave works in a knit hat (of the sort I call a toboggan, which my kids think is ridiculous) and fingerless gloves.  I think we keep the furnace a little higher, but I have a cut-velvet cap which makes me feel romantically medieval, and keeps in much of the 60% of body-heat that escapes from your head.  There is also much to be said for fleece-lined robes and long underwear.

Maybe more important than seeing me in my workspace, is what I see.