Yesterday you would have thought it had never snowed in West Virginia, or on the whole mid-Atlantic coast.  The media were full of breathless reports of winter storm preparedness, warnings not to go out, and very full reports of how prepared the malls were to accommodate shoppers who did go out.  It looked like 4-6 inches were predicted for us, not unusual, but 1-2 feet farther east.

It started snowing sometime before midnight last night, and it was a white night.  The clouds, the ground, the snow-coated trees all reflected the city lights so that it was twilight all night, and there was that snow hush that comes when all sound is absorbed.  This morning, we have more than a foot, and the snow is still falling steadily.

It looks like the plows have not kept up so far.  I suspect they have been working on the interstate and US 50.  I hope they are clear by tomorrow, when we pick up both kids at the Pittsburgh airport, two hours north.