Last week, just before the snow, I trimmed the juniper bushes along the front stoop.  They had been looking raggedy, with new growth shooting up every-which-way, for some months.  I was waiting, though, to do what my mother did each Christmas – trim the evergreens to decorate the house.  For the first time, I have mantels to deck with evergreen branches.  I’ve gone wild and topped all the living room door frames with branches, too, and the windowsills in the parlor, the library, the bathroom, and our bedroom, where we have candles in the windows.

The St. Nicholas Day decorations – Juleknisse and other small ornaments, were strewn on various shelves last Sunday.  This weekend we will get out the rest of the decorations, and add more greens and ribbons here and there.  The tree will wait until our children arrive next weekend.