Activists rallied this afternoon at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  I can’t say more or better than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Please listen to his speech at HeadOn Radio. The gaps are the points where the coal trucks circling the block were leaning on their air horns to drown him out.   Kathy Mattea’s spokesperson just said “Honk if you love mountains” when they did that, and the speakers after that picked it up.

To all my friends outside West Virginia, we need your help. It is not just our problem. We all live downstream, and the pollution from coal-mining and coal-fired coal plants poisons us all.  Bobby Kennedy said today the coal companies are liquidating the mountains for quick profits.  They have corrupted our politicians to do it.  It is a national problem, and we need you to help to stop it.

Watch the Coal River Mountain Video which will be shown in Copenhagen.

Email your Senators and tell them to pass the Appalachian Restoration Act. If Congress is serious about addressing climate change, we need this bill to dramatically reduce mountaintop removal coal mining, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Coal River residents talk about why this matters