White Sweet Potatoes

Here’s an autumn taste treat for Kahuna Kolbert.

Sweet potato and vineBaked White Sweet Potatoes

Rinse, put on the rack in a 325° oven, and bake until soft (depending on size, maybe an hour).
Or put on a grill over a wood fire, as we did when we did our Thanksgiving camping.
If you must, microwave like a baked potato.

Split and butter.  This doesn’t need anything else, but you can sprinkle on a little brown sugar.

We prefer white sweet potatoes, something I grew up with in West Virginia, but hard to find now even here.  Our local Kroger’s doesn’t have them, but the corner Produce Market in downtown Clarksburg does.  My brother used to grow them, and should again.  Once we brought back white sweet potato plants from Georgia, where my grandparents had retired.

I always believed that the orange sweet potatoes often called yams really were yams, but apparently yams are a completely different species .  The orange and white sweet potatoes are varieties of the same plant, just like the many varieties of potatoes.  The white sweet potatoes are really pale yellow, dry, flaky, and delicate, not as dense and waxy as the common orange ones, and with a milder flavor.

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