When we were in Texas, I missed the crows.  Cawing in the distance had always seemed as integral to early morning as the dawn, until it was gone. I was pleased to hear one occasionally, especially early morning on our camping trips. I thought it was just that they didn’t come in to town.  But now, in our house on the edge, but still surrounded by town, they are often in the yard, especially in the spruce trees behind the house.

Today, following up a mistaken story about crow migration (they flock, and may move south up to a few hundred miles, but don’t really migrate), I found a map which explains why they seemed so few.  We grew up in some of the darkest areas on the map, I in West Virginia, my husband, in corn (and asparagus and pea) country in northern Illinois. We lived on the thin pink edge in central Texas.

Map of American Crow summer range

American Crow Summer Range, courtesy of Crowbusters

Map of American Crow Winter Range

American Crow Winter Range, courtesy of Crowbusters