H.R. 1310, the Clean Water Protection Act, was re-introduced in the House yesterday and referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.  Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas is Chair of the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment where it will be reviewed first.  See the full subcommittee list, the full committee list, and the bill summary and cosponsors.   Thank your rep if they co-sponsored; voice your support and ask for the bill to move out of committee promptly if you have a rep on the committee or especially, subcommittee.  There is an easy form here.

This amendment will clarify that “that fill material cannot be comprised of waste” – in other words, mountaintops can’t be dumped into stream valleys.  Last month, there was an appeal decision that allowed the Corps of Engineers to continue approving this – see Friday the 13th, Indeed – so it is even more important for this amendment to be passed soon.