Leaving Home

I left West Virginia 30 years almost to the day of the day we closed on our new old house here.  Back then, of course, I had no idea it would be so long before I would return.  I was going off to graduate school to learn more so I could come back and do good.  One thing, of course, led to another – marriage, a job in Tennessee, children, a move to Texas.

The house I was leaving had been my great-grandparent’s, looking out over Tanner’s Run across to Reservoir Hill in Spencer:

Hill home, high above the hollow
The north wind comes cold tonight
Seeping silent through your crevices
Aged phantom footsteps tread your boards
Father of my father’s father
The boards you nailed up still run true
Mother of my father’s father
Still and warm I sleep tonight
Beneath the featherticks and quilts you sewed

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