A Civilized Life

One of the joys of our recently retired life is the ability to work on our own schedules.  After decades of getting up before daylight because of our work schedules, the kid’s school schedules, and living on the far western edge of the time zone, we can sleep until dawn.  So as day breaks we get up and have cappuccino.  (We’re on our second cappuccino maker.  The first was one of the best Christmas presents I ever gave Robert, and he’s is a great foamer.)  I admire the sunrise and the view from our patio, no matter how cold.  As long as there is no wind, even 15° isn’t bad (in a hat – as I told our children for years, 60% of heat loss is through your head.)  We work for a while – the last month, mostly physical labor, cleaning, pulling up carpet, caulking, scraping.  Robert is telecommuting half-time; I am researching and writing.  Then a real and leisurely breakfast – oatmeal with cream (the oatmeal counteracts the cholesterol, right?), buckwheat pancakes, or waffles with whole cranberry jelly (Norwegian lingonberry jelly being hard to come by).  More work, and lunch, although we are thinking of adding elevenses.  Perhaps a drive, a walk, shopping, or outdoor work, and then tea, in the den, which has a sunset view.  I have been making yeast-raised teacakes occasionally.  Time to prepare a real dinner; we have had take-out only twice in more than a month.  All that cooking is more work than the quick meals and takeout we had fallen into were, but the work is a pleasure.

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