The floor guys, father and son, showed up bright and early Monday morning to sand and finish the floors.  We had hoped they could just be stripped, but after 90 years, at least 50 of them under carpet, it would have taken weeks of hands-and-knees stripping.  And the hands and knees would have been mine and Robert’s.

Here are the floor guys, Joe Fincham and Joe Jr.,  at work:

Joe Fincham Joe Fincham Jr.

2 thoughts on “Floors!

  1. I know they advertise “dustless” now a days but is it really? How messy is it? My house would look so much better with refinished floors.

  2. There was very little dust during the initial sanding (but two garbage bags full of sawdust from the sanders.) The screening (last fine sanding and between coats) generated about as much dust as a few weeks of normal household dust (and being an indifferent housewife, I know how much accumulates in a few weeks ;-) The big bother is putting all the furniture somewhere, and not being able to use the rooms for most of a week. That’s why we have been camping out with a bare minimum of furniture while we pulled up carpet, air-sealed, and had the floors done. The last coat is today; pictures of the beautiful results tomorrow.

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