img_0904_1I had been puzzling for months about the bathroom floor.  Why would anyone put a green and gold floor in a bathroom otherwise completely covered (walls, ceiling, cabinet doors, insides of the two room doors) in milk glass tiles with a faint blue-gray cast, and peachy-beige fixtures?  I’m a great believer in colors matching – it makes up for a host of evils, and every time I was in the bathroom, I contemplated this anomaly.

It finally became unbearable to be in the room, which was difficult, because it was essential.  I noticed a small whitish patch near the door, and concluded the color was years of built-up wax (on a no-wax floor – what were people thinking?)

I proceeded to attack the floor with 1) Spic ‘N Span and ammonia, 2) vinegar, 3) denatured alcohol, which dissolves a lot of finishes, 4) mineral spirits, 5) nail polish remover (if it had worked, I would have gotten a can of acetone).  Not to mention the Bon Ami and Barkeeper’s Friend.  Amazing stuff, acrylic floor wax, I said – nothing touches it – and went to purchase commercial wax stripper.  Which didn’t budge it, either.


At the end of the day, in despair, I took a putty knife to a bit of tile where it looked like the coat of wax was peeling a bit.  And a huge sheet peeled right up, leaving a pale blue, white, and gray tile with touches of gold.  Enthusiastically, I began peeling off the layers of wax.  Several tiles in, I realized that what I was removing was not old wax, but the pebbled plastic  no-wax layer.  But the surface underneath was smooth and a much better color, so I went on.


Finally, having removed the no-wax layer, I waxed it.  After adding a new shower curtain, the whole room blends together, and I’ll be able to shower until we can redo the whole thing (not high on the lists of projects so far.)