The chimney sweep came Wednesday, with her daughter-in-training, maybe twelve, who did the initial inspection and a lot of explaining and demonstrating (this is our first fireplace, although we are old hands at campfires).  The chimney was pronounced clean and safe, and we got some good advice about the very best campsite at Audra State Park.  (No, I’m not going to share.)

We pulled up the last of the carpet today (and all the staples and tackboard, which requires a lot of work on hands and knees (I now have professional knee pads from our great local hardware store, Marsh’s Lumber).  There were no more surprises with odd patches, but the black bits in the foam padding has turned to tar just as in the other rooms.  And it looks very like a couple of cinder blocks sat for a long time near the door – perhaps a shelf with plants? – and created a great dampish dirty spot, which I think may clean up all right.

The bamboo blinds for the den were cheerfully delivered by UPS, just three days after they were ordered – from K-Mart – our local store didn’t have the size we needed.  I put off opening them until this morning, because we had gotten others when we couldn’t get the ones we wanted, which turned out to be narrower than they set,and just not right.  So I was afraid these would be not right and have to be returned, etc.  But they were just what I expected, and Robert put them up.  I found a pair of lamps for the mantel.  The flowers are from Hilde for my birthday last week.