Well, not exactly.  The fall before Robert and I were married, we drove from Chicago to Minneapolis for an American Society for Information Science conference.  Starving graduate students, we were staying with a friend, who was also a starving graduate student, living at his parents’ while finishing his dissertation in philosophy.  He invited us to come up the weekend before and stay at his family cabin on the Lake Pepin in Wisconsin (actually a very wide spot in the Mississippi, and famous for being where Laura Ingall’s Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods was.)  We arrived past midnight and collapsed.  We awoke to discover the living room of the “cabin” was easily twice the size of our whole apartment, with one wall of glass looking out on the lake.  The kitchen was huge, new, and tiled.  The basement was a dormitory with room for probably dozens of grandchildren.  Paul said “Well, it was a cabin when my parents bought it.”

Saturday was a gorgeous fall day.  We messed about in a boat, visited the VFW on the other side, climbed a bluff, visited an auction, and ended up in a beer joint on the river with a free juke box.  And Robert, who has a good voice but can rarely be persuaded to sing, sang along with the Oak Ridge Boys’ “Sail Away”:

And we will sail away on the wings of love into the night,
Cast out our fortunes on the sea.
Then we will go to sleep together with the rocking of the water,
And dream of how our life will someday be,
When she sails away with me.

So now, 28 years later, we have retired from the State of Texas and are sailing off to our new old house in West Virginia, where I grew up.