I’ve just been to the surgeon for a checkup, and she says I’m doing fine. The written pathology report is not back yet, she thinks because the pathologist is not finding anything and so is looking extra hard. The sentinel lymph node was negative, which means that either nothing had ever spread, or the chemo knocked it out entirely. So that is all really good news. Not everyone who has a clean MRI has clean results when they actually look at the tissue microscopically.
I am already feeling practically normal and annoying my guys at work by reading my work email and being my usual control-freak self. Am supposed to start radiation Jan 23, and will probably go back to work at least part-time that week – Hilde starts her new job that week, Arend starts classes, and I would probably go stir-crazy, although I could do some genealogy. Yesterday I got a note from a Hersman looking for info about her father – I tracked him down through the census and the WV death records – turns out she and I are 4th cousins – her great-grandfather was A.M. Hersman’s 1st cousin, for those of you who are Hersman descendants.
Don’t think I’m going to get a sense of humor about the hospital stay – I’m thinking when people are doing their best and things go wrong, I can take it lightly, but when they don’t even try, I’m not very forgiving.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.