So should I have a contest to rename this series? Any suggestions?
Today I went for the last chemo, everything went well, and at the end the chemo nurses gathered around and threw confetti. (I’ll be seeing them tomorrow for the follow-up bone marrow booster, next week and the week after for Herceptin, and then follow-up Herceptin every three weeks for a year – but this was the last real chemo.)

So onward – I saw my surgeon last Friday, will see the radiologist week after next. Surgery will be the beginning of January – Hilde’s graduating from Texas Tech Dec. 16, Arend will be home just in time for her graduation, and so I get to enjoy that and Christmas before surgery. Both Hilde and Arend will still be here the beginning of January, which will be great. They usually wait a month or so before radiology, so I’m figuring I’ll be done with everything by the end of March. And my eyebrows are almost back! (Time to try the Just for Men trick to dye them that one of y’all shared). My hair is unfortunately still about as long as the eyebrows, but visibly growing back.

You guys have all been great – I really appreciate the thoughts, prayers, notes, suggestions, the sharing of your own lives, genealogy discussions and data (it’s given me a *lot* to focus and work on), the scarves and bandannas and whatnot. I’ll let y’all know when surgery is scheduled, and progress after that.

Meanwhile, I talked to an old friend from church and work yesterday (he told me about the job I’ve got now – he didn’t know at the time I’d end up as his supervisor for a while – might have changed his mind ;-), who I hadn’t talked to much in a while, and he shared with me that his college-age son had been diagnosed with lymphoma and started chemo last month. I told him why my hair, which he had complimented me on, looked so good, and we shared some cancer thoughts and stories. I told him about y’all and that I would ask y’all to keep his son in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!