I’m afraid I lost my patience and my sense of humor this week. The weather here has finally gotten bearable – under 90 many days, and dropping below 70 at night – giving the illusion of, say, a beautiful late August day in West Virginia. We had some rain (two inches over as many weeks) so some of the vegetation is green instead of brown. So where I would really rather be is in the mountains seeing the leaves turn, as I’ve been saying I intended to do every fall for a while now. Recovery from this new stuff took longer, and Thursday I had a bout of lower back pain, a predicted side effect, which hurt whether I sat, stood, or lay down. My smart-aleck brother suggested I float, so Robert’s fired up the hot tub, which has been dormant during the hot weather ;-)Anyway, what is always amazing is that days after each treatment, not gradually but suddenly, I feel almost normal. Friday morning I felt fine and I’ve regained some perspective.

I quit wearing makeup except for major occasions years ago, and have trouble remembering to use lip gloss so my lips don’t crack. I have fits where I buy SPF 15 tinted moisturizer or even eyeshadow, but this summer, warned to throw out any out-of-date makeup for fear of infection, I discovered everything I had, though appearing unused, was years old. So when I peered into my magnifying mirror and realized there were a few stray hairs where my eyebrows used to be, it was traumatic. I made several trips to Walgreen’s and CSV for eyebrow pencils – too hard, too soft, too light, too dark. The wig, at least, can just be pulled on and fluffed. But eyebrows! You have to draw dozens of individual hairs. In the dim light of morning. After only one cup of coffee. The pencil has to be sharp, or you get fat lines that look like someone threw tiny caterpillars on you.

No matter how bad I feel, I enjoy sitting on the back porch overlooking the pond, and it has been even better in the cool weather lately. I’ve attached a picture so y’all can enjoy the view too.