In the last episode our heroine had finished Chemo Part 1 (Taxol) and was waiting on the results of an MRI and the beginning of Chemo Part 2.

We got the MRI results last week and I saw my oncologist today – between my vacation and hers and other schedule changes, I hadn’t seen her since the beginning of August, and not since the MRI results. She is very excited that the results were so good, confirming what she could feel (or not feel ;-) Not only has the visible tumor disappeared, but the questionable areas in my other breast have also. (That’s good news, but probably means they were cancer, too, even though the biopsy on that side showed nothing definitive. So we are probably looking at further treatment on both sides, not just one, when we get to that. My surgeon is in China, so we can’t discuss the implications for surgery for a while, but I’m hoping the fact that the radiologist marked the spots when she did the biopsies will allow lumpectomies, since otherwise we can’t tell where anything might be.)

The effects of the new chemo (FEC, Fluorouracil, Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide) seem to be coming on much quicker than the Taxol – maybe because it is a fast infusion – about an hour and a half for all three drugs. This is more likely to cause nausea than Part 1, but so far so good – I don’t feel worse than I did last time. I’m feeling pretty spacy – not so much of the steroid high from the anti-nausea drugs, just tired and fuzzy. So I thought I’d send y’all a report before I get entirely out of it for a while. I was planning on going to work for the rest of the week, but we’ll have to see how I feel. Maybe if the side-effects come on faster, they’ll end faster and I can go in Monday.

Thanks to y’all for listening and your thoughts and prayers.