So I’m back among the semi-conscious – went back to work after yesterday’s Herceptin infusion. Naturally, the port was clogged – apparently the clog creates kind of a one-way valve, so although stuff can go in, they couldn’t use it for the blood draw, and did that from my arm – but no more drain cleaner until the next Taxol.

Once upon a time I had a couple of nice large cotton batiste scarves – black and cream, which would have been perfect for around the house and yard. They’d go with everything – y’all know I’ve got this thing about stuff matching. I can’t believe I got rid of them – I still have the scarf my freshman room-mate gave me for my 17th birthday, not to mention a gold silk one printed with cactuses, donkeys, and Mexicans in sombreros (it’s nicer than it sounds) that my mother got before I was born. But these nice little cotton scarves are nowhere to be found.

Ah, I said, I’ll just pop out to the fabric store and get some batiste or something. Nothing doing. So we went by Walgreen’s and I got a couple of do-rags. Robert checked out – I hung back out of sight. Who knows what they thought the middle-aged blond guy was doing buying do-rags and bandanas. Anyway, they’re cheap, black, lightweight, and keep the draft off my head. And Robert and Arend don’t have to look at my rather pathetic head. Unfortunately it’s just short of complete hair loss, so it is the worst of both worlds.